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Know Edge coaches parents to understand their children’s Edges and build the bridges they need to go beyond them. Do you know your child’s Edges: how they learn, their passions, and their actual skill and knowledge level?

We aim to help you build a program that addresses the whole child, all their edges, and not just the curriculum’s learning objectives. We focus on individual learning styles, personalities, and goals. We help parents evaluate their homeschool approach, create a program tailored to their child, and achieve success through a learning experience beyond their imagination. Our whole-child learning approach creates high-functioning, responsible students who initiate their learning and desire to explore beyond the curriculum.

Let’s work together to create a harmonious learning environment that encourages self-discovery and fosters your child’s lifelong love of learning.

Mission Statement
To equip parents with the skills and resources to unlock their child’s full potential by identifying the learning style of both the parent and the child and tailoring a learning experience to maximize their efforts effectively and efficiently.